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On Tuesday 4th August, Beirut was rocked by a massive explosion which has devastated the city.  The damage that has been done is immense with more than 150 people having been confirmed dead and that number is likely to rise.  Current estimates say that over 5000 people have been injured and up to 300,000 people made homeless by the blast which has severely damaged much of the eastern part of the city.

This disaster comes on top of a financial crisis, hyper inflation and Covid-19 which had already wrecked the Lebanese economy and left widespread food shortages.   AoG through its relief arm Impact 25:40 has launched an urgent appeal to help get much needed relief to those in such desperate need.  Please would you consider donating either individually or as a church to help at this crucial time?

AoG has some great partners on the ground who have a track record of integrity and working with compassion and love to help those in greatest need. 

This partnership means that the relationships and infrastructure are in place to ensure that your giving will make a real and lasting difference, enabling you to give with confidence that the money will be well spent.

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