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Christmas Giveaway 2022

We know that times are tough for many and the economic situation could certainly be better, but nonetheless, we still have the opportunity to add a little joy this month, both locally and internationally with our annual Christmas Giveaway.

This year we are going to support six fantastic projects. Each is doing amazing work in their own right and we are humbled by the opportunity to contribute and make a difference.​

Two of our core values as a church are Increasing Generosity and Growing Compassion. Through our giveaway, we have the chance to exercise both.

You can find out more about each of the projects below.


The CAP debt centre is here to tackle poverty head on, to enable individuals who find themselves in financial difficulties to be set free from debt and to have the opportunity to explore a life transforming faith in Jesus Christ.

We are continuing to support the Bromley CAP Debt Centre, its clients and the CAP Money Course. Over 33 people have been freed from debt in the last 5 years, with over £700,000 of debt written off.


Location: Israel & Palestinian Territories

Reaching poor and disadvantaged families
in great need in the West Bank and Galilee and  Bedouin families in the South of Israel.


Hand of Love's aim is to create opportunities to share the Gospel, take food packages, Christmas chocolate and toys for children.


To help furnish and provide toys for a new school that NICOG has built in India. We continue to support Pastor Abraham in his work throughout India and this is a great opportunity to meet a specific need this Christmas.

Heating Ukraine

One of the greatest needs in Ukraine right now is heat. Temperatures in Ukraine will plummet to - 6 degrees and will not be in positive numbers again until March. Kharkiv has been bombed EVERY DAY since the outbreak of the war, leaving many of the apartments and houses in either ruin or without windows due to the daily impact of the missiles. Working with AoG Pastor Valerie Kuzmich from Kharkiv - AoG UK is aiming to purchase 10,000 electric oil-filled radiators. Each radiator will be given to a family who will not only be able to stay warm this winter, but also dry their clothes. BCC will join with our Assemblies of God family around the UK to buy these radiators and show the love of God in action in a timely and practical way.

Mission Macedonia

Helping families heat their homes in Macedonia, where we support two missionary families (Eric & Lisa and Jordan & Vesna). The wood fuel provided through this project can help heat a family home throughout the cold and harsh winter.

Releasing Slaves in Pakistan

For this project, we will be working with

In the last 18 months, familiessetfree have rescued 1,500 people from the slave camps, started 300 small businesses so that they will be self-supporting, enrolled hundreds of children in school for the first time, and have ended over 15,000 years of combined slavery!

They are getting story after story of women and girls regularly raped in the brick kilns…often in front of their husbands and children. It is a desperate situation and we are eager to help as many as possible.

Familiessetfree rescued this five-year-old boy, and his family this summer. He was destined to spend his entire life making 1,000 bricks every day, with no hope of a future. The second picture is a few weeks later on his very first day of school. His life now has hope!

boy released from slavery (1)_edited.jpg
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