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Partnership in BCC is our way of expressing our personal commitment to taking responsibility for

our church community. It is not a lifetime membership to a club, there are no tie-ins, but we do

expect people to take the commitment seriously and to carry our vision and values. As we partner

together, we form a body, being built in Christ, that can accomplish amazing things.


The BCC Partnership Commitment:

Having received Christ as my Lord & Saviour and having been (or am soon to be) baptised, and

being in agreement with BCC’s teaching, I now feel led by the Holy Spirit to unite with the Partners

of BCC. In doing so, I give myself to God and join the other Partners with a commitment to:

• Ownership of BCC Values, Vision, and Goals;

• Invest my time, finances (tithes and offerings) and abilities to build up the church;

• Protect the unity of the church;

• Share the responsibility and serve the ministry of BCC by discovering personal gifts and talents.


Please email us if you would like more information or to find out about our next Partnership event.

We’re here to help.

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