DARING Youth Online

Ages 11-19

We are BCC Youth, a collection of everyday young people living for Jesus Christ.

We know these years can be challenging, but we want to be the place where you can find support, encouragement, and most importantly, find and grow your faith in Jesus.

If you’d like to get connected, join the DY volunteers team or contribute in any way,

please get in touch with us.


When you contact us by email, your personal details will be used strictly for contacting you in accordance with your request. Information is held in accordance with the BCC Privacy Policy

For under 16’s, involvement will require parental consent.

 Thankfully you young people are the online generation and should find this shift an easy one!


On Tuesday's we will run The Prayer Course online.  The Youth Leaders will send the appropriate week's link to their DY WhatsApp chats, where our you can watch the video online by yourself and then will meet with your DY Life Groups online and discusses the questions.




Every Friday the DY Leaders will ask you to send challenges for them to do and any questions you would like a leader to answer.

Each week the leaders will post a video on the DARING YOUTH Instagram of them completing that challenge and will answer one of the questions you asked.


Insight Sunday’s

Youth Leaders will share a passage of scripture with questions on their Whatsapp Youth Life Groups.  You can then message them your answers and/or discuss amongst your groups.


DARING will also frequently meet as one big group online so that you can all stay connected!

  • DY Facebook
  • DY Instagram


Our team is made up of both volunteers and leaders.

All our Youth Leaders/adult volunteers are aged 18+ and our junior volunteers are aged between 16-17.

At DARING, we have a designated safeguarding officer and all of our leaders and volunteers are DBS checked.


If you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to help!

Luke Milton -

Youth Leader & Media Producer

Hanna Littlechild -

Project & Youth Coordinator

Alex Littlechild -

Youth & Schools Coordinator

Most of the connection for DARING YOUTH will happen via Whatsapp; if you're not in a DY Whatsapp group please contact:

For the boys, Luke Milton

For the girls, Hanna Littlechild

and they will add you to a DY Life Group chat.



Click below to download our DY Journals

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Who Am I? DY Camp Journal
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