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To bring growing Kingdom influence and transformation to every area of our lives, community and beyond.

Jesus principal message was the good news about the Kingdom of God, which was capable of transforming everything about a person, their community and their world.


If we take Jesus’ message seriously, it tells us that everything has to change. Starting with ourselves but flowing into all of society. For example, e.g. our way of doing politics, family, friendship, education, business, media, the arts and entertainment, our way of interacting with the environment and our way of dealing with people of other religions, i.e. the whole range of our human experience (what some call The 7 Pillars of Society).


We believe that God is already at work in our everyday lives. The places we live and the people we live alongside are important. In fact, these are the places and people God has sent us to.


Influence doesn’t happen by extracting ourselves from the world for the sake of our values, but by bringing Kingdom values into the culture. So as a church, we want to come alongside everyday individuals, to empower and equip them to make a Kingdom difference and see our communities transformed.

Click below to download our 'Church Direction - Mission, Vision & Values' document.

Gain a deeper understanding of PRIME, how we can fulfil our vision/ mission and actionable strategies. 


The document also answers questions such as,

'How are we growing?'

'How and where are we developing?'

'Who are we reaching?'

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