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New believer? Have questions?

What is DNA?

DNA is an essential 6-week small group program, designed for those new to faith, rediscovering faith, or those wanting to take a fresh look at the foundations of Christianity.

The program covers the key building blocks of our faith and will help you establish discipleship practices that will help you grow on your life journey.

For those new to BCC, it will also help you understand how we think, our values, what we believe and is a first step towards joining with us in our Mission and Vision for bringing Growing Kingdom Influence and Transformation to every area of our lives, community and beyond.

DNA is led by a great team who facilitate the topics and discussions, making sure everyone on the program feels valued and welcomed into the BCC family.

What topics will we explore weekly?

Week One: Salvation - a brand new start

Week Two: Getting to know God through His Word, the Bible

Week Three: Building a relationship with God through Prayer

Week Four: Understanding grace and forgiveness

Week Five: Baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit

Week Six: Understanding partnership at BCC

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