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We have been supporting the vision of “Christ for INDIA” with our close friend, Pastor R. Abraham who has been leading this ministry for over 40 years now reaching over 600,000 people.


Christ for India is registered in the USA as a Non-Profit Organization, representing the parent organization in India, New India Church of God (NICOG). 

NICOG was founded in 1976 by Brother R. Abraham and Rev. V. A. Thampy in the state of Kerala, India. NICOG began as a small but powerful evangelistic mission by headed by a team of young men on fire for God in the southern part of the country. Today they are a nationwide movement spread across 24 States of India, as well as some additional outreach in Nepal and The United Arab Emirates. 

In a country with a population that is 1.18 billion people strong, their singular mission is to reach out and win the nation of India for Christ, and display His compassion through the work among those who need it the most. 

Currently as a church, we have supported a number of pastors by providing monthly to their basic needs, bicycles for them to take the Good News around the area, children’s education and financially supporting bible school students.


Please email us if you would like more information.

We’re here to help.

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