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'Thrive 2021' Study Guides

03.01.2021 Mark Wiltshire.png

This first sermon in the Thrive 2021 series uses Philippians 4:1-3 to reveal how we will Thrive in 2021, if our relationships are truly aligned with Christ!!

Thrive 2021 brian greenaway 10JAN21 stud

Worry and stress are major issues for people today, particularly considering current circumstances. The Bible has a solution: feeding our heart and spirit with truth.

Thrive 2021 Living an Unstoppable Life P

Can we live an unstoppable life? Yes, but how?


Pastor Mark explores this question in this episode of Thrive 2021.

24.01.21 Thriving in generosity - Debora

In this sermon Deborah focuses on 3 aspects:

What is generosity?

What is credited to our account?

How is it acceptable to God?

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