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'Thrive' Study Guides


To 'thrive' is God's gift to each of us.


This new series will help us understand how to THRIVE in every circumstance no matter how challenging.


We need to invest our lives in God’s Kingdom, living with the persective that we are ready to go and be with Jesus and yet using the time in between, in His service.

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Circumstances do not make you what you are, they reveal what you are.


The real you is revealed under pressure, in temptation, or other trying circumstances.


All areas of life can be impacted and every one of us can DEVELOP someone else.  But to be able to develop, we must first be open to our own development!

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Believers are called run a race that is focused on the goals that Jesus has set in our lives. This means having the courage of our convictions and running unhindered.


God has called us to abound us in good fruit. He has provided all we need to do this. Our motivation must be to look to Christs return. He wants us to abound in love but also to grow in knowledge and discernment.


We have been given an incredible call to live as Citizens of Heaven!

But how can we do this and how can we thrive under pressure?


Believers are called to shine as lights in a dark situation.

We already possess by grace, but now we have it we have a responsibility to grow in it.

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We are called to consider the three roles that Epaphroditus had in Pauls life. If we are serious about extending the Kingdom of God then we need to pursue these same values.


You are never in the wrong place when you are in the right place with God!


In this sermon, Pastor Mark explores the question; 'can we live in greater confidence?'


Living the way the Bible tells us we should live, is transformational.

Living with Biblical values are an indication of a thriving believer.

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Exploring 1 Corinthians 15:19 and understanding how God is using this verse to challenge our perspectives for this life and the life to come.

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Moving into the beginning verses of Philippians 3, Pastor Mark asks the question, 'are we truly aligned with God or off track?'

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Don’t give up, despite the storms of 2020. Decide to live life with 'great anticipation' about what God can and will do. We will thrive in life, when we have the right anticipation.

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