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'Pursuing Our Capacity...'
Preach Slides

Pursing our Capacity - 1.png

Week 1

Pastor Mark starts a new series for 2024 - "Pursuing Our Capacity"

What is God Given Capacity?

Pursing our Capacity - week 4.png

Week 4

Dr Grace challenges us to consider if our Desires are Accountable to God.

Pursing our Capacity - week 7.png

Week 7

Deborah's message "Pursing our Capacity - Intentional Preperation" reminds us that God has a plan and purpose for each one of us. 

Pursing our Capacity - week 10.png

Week 10

Catch up with Ps Brian's message - "Pursiung our Capacity - Sacrificial Living".

BCC Easter - Resurrection 2024 - A6.jpg

Special Easter Sunday Message.

Resurrection - The Centre of Everything!

Pursuing our Capacity - week 15.png

Week 15

We are all vulnerable to having blind spots in our lives. Ps Mark explains how scripture can help us to guard against them.

Pursuing our Capacity - week 18.png

Week 18

Catch-up on Ps Mark's message "hearing God" - containing some great reflections as we start another week of prayer and fasting.

Pursuing our Capacity - week 21.png

Week 21

Ps Mark's message "Understanding Holiness" - encourages us to see Holiness as a call to God's Righteousness, not to Self-Righteousness.

Pursing our Capacity - week 2.png

Week 2

Pastor Mark continues the "Pursuing Our Capacity" series with a message entitled - What Am I Prioritising?

Pursing our Capacity - week 5.png

Week 5

Pastor Mark explains that we are all influencers and challenges us to be "Ready to Influence" as Salt & Light people.

Pursing our Capacity - week 8.png

Week 8

Pastor Mark explains that Courage is a door into God’s Promises in his message "Pursing our Capacity - Living Courageously"

Pursuing our Capacity - week 11.png

Week 11

With reported levels of stress and anxiety at record levels, Ps Mark encourages us to look to God (rather than our own strength) to lift us. "Pursiung our Capacity - Lifted".

Pursuing our Capacity - week 13.png

Week 13

Catch up with Ps Brian's message - "Pursiung our Capacity - Risk".

Pursuing our Capacity - week 16.png

Week 16

Sofi reminds us that it’s not about using our capacity to do something in our own strength. It’s about using our capacity to believe the word of God and obey His instruction.

Pursuing our Capacity - week 19.png

Week 19

In her message "Grounded in Truth", Deborah explained that to be grounded in the truth means to know the truth, speak the truth and act on the truth.

Pursing our Capacity - week 3.png

Week 3

As we start a week of Prayer & Fasting, Brian continues the "Pursuing Our Capacity" series with a message entitled - Why my prayer matters

Pursing our Capacity - week 6.png

Week 6

Ps Brian reminds us of the authority we carry as son's of God, because of what Jesus has done for us. "Pursuing Our Capacity - Carrying Authority".

Pursing our Capacity - week 9.png

Week 9

Dr Grace's reminds us that True authenticity is achieved in True Followership. We are more real when we are Christ-like. This is the Real deal; Let Christ Increase as Self Decreases.

Pursuing our Capacity - week 12.png

Week 12

Deborah reminds us that God cannot live up to our expectations, we have to live up to His.  "Pursuing Our Capacity - What Drives Our Expectations?"

Pursuing our Capacity - week 14.png

Week 14

Dr Grace gently reminds us that . ‘Kairos’ over-rules ‘Chronos’. Catch-up with her message - "Pursuing our Capacity - Devine Interruptions".

Pursuing our Capacity - week 17 (image).png

Week 17

Dr Grace reminds us that Rom 12 says: "let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think"  - that is the starting point for a Kingdom Mentality.

Pursuing our Capacity - week 20.png

Week 20

Ps Brian explores how pursuing a close relationship with God is the key to seeing the miraculous in our lives.

Pursuing our Capacity - week 22.png

Week 22

Dr Grace explains that an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and a heart of obedience unto God in all situations sums up the definition of a life in constant worship of the true God.

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