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'Pursuing Our Capacity...'
Preach Slides

Pursing our Capacity - 1.png

Week 1

Pastor Mark starts a new series for 2024 - "Pursuing Our Capacity"

What is God Given Capacity?

Pursing our Capacity - week 4.png

Week 4

Dr Grace challenges us to consider if our Desires are Accountable to God.

Pursing our Capacity - week 7.png

Week 7

Deborah's message "Pursing our Capacity - Intentional Preperation" reminds us that God has a plan and purpose for each one of us. 

Pursing our Capacity - week 2.png

Week 2

Pastor Mark continues the "Pursuing Our Capacity" series with a message entitled - What Am I Prioritising?

Pursing our Capacity - week 5.png

Week 5

Pastor Mark explains that we are all influencers and challenges us to be "Ready to Influence" as Salt & Light people.

Pursing our Capacity - week 3.png

Week 3

As we start a week of Prayer & Fasting, Brian continues the "Pursuing Our Capacity" series with a message entitled - Why my prayer matters

Pursing our Capacity - week 6.png

Week 6

Ps Brian reminds us of the authority we carry as son's of God, because of what Jesus has done for us. "Pursuing Our Capacity - Carrying Authority".

Pursing our Capacity - week 8.png

Week 8

Pastor Mark explains that Courage is a door into God’s Promises in his message "Pursing our Capacity - Living Courageously"

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