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'The Truth About' Study Guides

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This first sermon in the Truth series focuses on the truth about TRUTH.

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The Bible is very clear about the fact that there are 2 destinations for all on the planet earth – Eternal life or hell.

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Some may ridicule it, some don’t realise it and others just don’t want it.. But the TRUTH about hearing God, is that it is available to all who will listen.

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God works through families,

however imperfect they may be.

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Have you ever asked, “Where Do My Desires Come From?”
God created desire - to move us.

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Although there are different ways God heals, it is through one method alone – it is with a personal encounter with Jesus.

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The Truth is that spiritual conflict impacts every one of us. This sermon explores the source and the solution.

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The truth about identity, is that we can only find it ‘in Christ’. In Him we are CHOSEN, LOVED, VALUED, FORGIVEN and made to make a DIFFERENCE.


If we are going to see God’s kingdom established on earth, then justice and righteousness must prevail. There is no place for lies, falsehoods or hypocrisy in God’s kingdom.

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Pastor Mark explores the truth about how God moves when we fast and pray.

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Being a believer is not about being a consumer, its about being a contributor.

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Deborah looks at how offence can be a trap and stumbling block.

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We are faced with decisions and choices on a daily basis, but how do we make good choices in important areas? It is through a living and loving relationship with Jesus.

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The Bible gives us a moral framework which goes right back to our origins in Genesis. It is a moral framework that is built into the whole Bible.

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What are you really worth? You are worth way more than the world can offer! You are worth so much that Jesus was willing to pay the price of Himself for YOU.

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Dr Grace looks at the core need of every individual and shows how only God can truly satisfy us.

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How do we deal with Hurt? Finding healing when we are hurting means we need to look at Forgiveness.

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Pastor Brian shows that prophecy should build up, encourage bring comfort and always be motivated by love.

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